Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Note Taking Apps

When it comes to note taking apps on my iPhone there are two that can't be beaten.

The first is the built in Notes app that comes with the phone. I use this app for keeping notes about things I only need to know for a while for example, ordering meals, shopping lists, guests for parties. I only need to access such notes from my iPhone and don't need them to sync with my computer. I can email them to my computer though if I wish. It's perfect for my use.

When it comes to making more detailed notes, however, I prefer Catch. This is a free app and it is fantastic for use in meetings or for anything that you need to access from a PC. I have begun to use it to take notes at staff meetings, Teachmeets and courses. (I just wish I had an iPad so it was quicker to write). I love the fact that notes are synced online and that I can access the notes from anywhere. I can add pictures and links, and I can add hashtags to my notes to make them easier to search. You can record your voice if you wish to make notes that way. Notes can be fully search online and they can be shared by email. It's also handy to be able to set a passcode lock for the app.

Evernote is also an excellent app but I use this primarily for remembering things that were not written by me like blog posts that inspire me and instruction.

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