About The Blog

I hope my blog posts are of interest to you!

My posts are about various aspects of teaching:
  • Curriculum: As a Year Three Teacher whenever I can I try to share projects and ideas that have worked in my own classroom.
  • ICT: As an ICT Co-ordinator I come across various ideas and resources that will benefit my role I share them here.
  • Inspiration: If anything has inspired me I will add it here. Often my inspiration comes from books that I have read.
  • Leadership: As a Deputy Head Teacher I am interested in developing my role. I will share my learning here.
  • Learning: I sometimes get the chance to attend courses, Teachmeets and learn from colleagues on the internet. I share my learning here.
  • Monthly Review: I review myself each month and try to reflect on what has kept me busy.
  • Personal: I will share anything that interests me here!
  • Productivity: I am attempting to become more and more productive. Where I have learned interesting ideas I will share them here.
  • Resources: If I come across a resource (free or otherwise) I will share my experiences with it here.
  • Everything Else: Anything that doesn't fit in one of the other labels will go here!