Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Primary Deputy

This time last year I was preparing for one of the biggest changes in my teaching career - I was moving to teacher Year Three after nine years in Year Six. I can't say I found the change easy but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting to remain in Year Three for a while.

After a number of staffing changes in the school it has become necessary for me to have to move year groups once again. Next year I'll be in Year Four! Whilst I was looking forward to building on what I've achieved in Year Three this year, there are many positives about moving to Year Four (which I'll discuss at a later date).

As a result of this move I've decided to change my blog to Primary Deputy. Please alter your feeds. I've also changed my Twitter name to primarydeputy. I was amazed that the name was still available! I wanted to pick a name that I hopefully won't have to change for a while!

Thank you to all readers of Year Three Teacher and I hope that you'll stick me through this latest change!

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