Sunday, 26 July 2009

Grow A Pound Week

In June we held our annual Grow A Pound Week.

Each child was given a pound by our Friends of the school association with the intention of growing their pound into more.

The children had to form companies of up to 4 people. Each company had to carry out some market research at break times before preparing a business plan where they indicated what service they planned to offer to the other children. Business ideas included lots of game stalls, jewellery making and hats and headwear.

Each company had to prepare a billboard poster, a radio advert (using Audacity) which was played in the school corridors and give a presentation to the children in an assembly.

The week went well and the children were really busy during their lunchtimes offering their services and goods for sale.

Each day the children kept accounts to show the sales and expenses for their company. They also wrote a 'secrets of our success'-style business biography about their stall.

In the end they made over £450 (in four days), meaning their pounds grew into over £7.50 each! The money raised was used to fund a leavers' treat and also to purchase a few items for the school. The two top stalls chose how the money should be spent.