Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Primary Deputy

This time last year I was preparing for one of the biggest changes in my teaching career - I was moving to teacher Year Three after nine years in Year Six. I can't say I found the change easy but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting to remain in Year Three for a while.

After a number of staffing changes in the school it has become necessary for me to have to move year groups once again. Next year I'll be in Year Four! Whilst I was looking forward to building on what I've achieved in Year Three this year, there are many positives about moving to Year Four (which I'll discuss at a later date).

As a result of this move I've decided to change my blog to Primary Deputy. Please alter your feeds. I've also changed my Twitter name to primarydeputy. I was amazed that the name was still available! I wanted to pick a name that I hopefully won't have to change for a while!

Thank you to all readers of Year Three Teacher and I hope that you'll stick me through this latest change!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Monthly Review: June 2011

Busy is the word that would sum up my June!

Holiday in Wales
We are fortunate to have two weeks' holiday at Whit (I say fortunate now, but I will say the opposite when everyone else is off before us in July!). We had a lovely few days in New Quay in South West Wales. It was our first time taking Lily away and we had a great time visiting places like Tenby, Fishguard and Carmarthen.

School University
I need to write a separate blog post to explain this properly. Much of my time has been spent arranging the university, negotiating with local high schools and members of the community to ensure brilliant courses for the children to attend.

Grandparents' Tea Party
The School Council helped to arrange a tea party for our grandparents. It was a lovely afternoon including refreshments, a tour of the school, performances by the choir and orchestra and a gallery of work. The grandparents were very appreciative!

Report writing
We have changed our report format slightly this year which has made them slightly less time consuming. However, they have still taken me lots of time! I'll be so glad to be finished in the next few days.

Ofsted and ICT
I attended a course about the Ofsted inspection requirements for ICT. It was an interesting course and I've picked up some particularly good ideas about e-Safety. I need to write a post soon

Neglecting stuff
I feel that I've neglected many things this month as I've been so busy with work. Unfortunately this is likely to continue into July which is usually our busiest month in school!