Thursday, 4 November 2010

PGCE Guide

I will be mentoring a PGCE trainee over the next few months. I will certainly be encouraging her to read Tim Handley's PGCE Survival Guide.

It's a fabulous book which is not just for PGCE trainees, but for anyone training to become a teacher!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Men in Primary Schools network

A new network is being piloted in London to support men in primary schools. The "Men In Primary Schools" network, supported by the TDA, is aiming to increase applications from men to teacher training courses, achieve higher retention rates, and encourage more to stay in the teaching profession.

They are aiming to do this through the creation of a peer support network. Three short films with male primary school teachers have been made and they are holding three initial events this month.

The Facebook page for the network is here.

I hope that the network is successful and that it expands beyond London.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Monthly Review November 2010

I've decided to stop my Weeknote posts. Instead I will build this review proves into my monthly review.

Personal targets:
  • Play squash - I can't seem to make this happen. I should try harder but I have find it difficult to have much free time in the evenings at the moment.
  • Finish painting the windows - It's either rained or we have had plans every weekend this month. I did manage to trim a tree that was taking over the garden and sort out the garage, but... no painting.
  • Sort out my iTunes - When I started to use iTunes back in February I was incredibly frustrated because most of my song information was incorrect. Names of songs and artists were wrong; album names were missing; genres were wrong. It has taken me several months to do but I have now completed the process of correcting all of this. During this time I have been listening to the music but it was more functional than for pleasure. It has taken me a long time to sort through my collection and download any gaps. Whilst streaming music over the internet is probably the future, for the time being I would prefer to own my music. It has really annoyed me in fact. Well this month I have finally finished this and for the last few weeks I have been able to enjoy my music properly! Now it's fun to watch the play count increase!

Professional targets:
  • Introduce the new ICT progression - I completed a review of the ICT curriculum coverage in school and introduced the Lancashire progression to staff. From now on I've asked the staff to base their teaching around this.
  • Performance management reviews - These were all completed in October. I really enjoy this process.
  • Sort out my office - You know there ought to be a picture here. I have completely rearranged my office so that there is a defined desk and working area and a seated area for the many meetings that I have. Not only does it look tonnes better but it is already making me more productive because there is a place for everything. A new large notice board has been ordered and when it is installed it my office will be brilliant.

This month I:
  • Enjoyed my first residential as a Year Three teacher at Fox Howl, Delamere Forest. We tried lots of activities including a woodland walk, den building, trekking and trailing and orienteering. The children had an excellent time.
  • Set up our class 'pet' blog for Super Pig and Friends. It's a bit like weekend friends, but when it's established it will have more of a geography focus. The pictures that the children have taken have been fabulous, and it's another way to get them using the Learning Platform.
  • Missed lots of school football matches. For one reason or another I've only actually made it to two out of six games this term. Luckily I have a colleague who I run the team with who has lead the team to three wins and one draw.
  • Attended a conference for senior leaders. I will write more on this, but I found it really interesting and very helpful.
Targets for November:

Personal targets:
  1. Play squash
  2. Sort out our garage completely
  3. Paint the windows
  4. Get my office sorted in preparation for changing it to become a nursery!!
  5. Find some time to read more
Professional targets:
This term is so hectic with Christmas play preparation, my target this term is to get the dozens of jobs on my to do list completed, and not worry about any big projects.