Monday, 13 June 2011

ICT Vision

We recently asked our staff to write a vision statement for the subject they co-ordinate. We asked everyone to make sure that it states our beliefs as a school, begins with a statement about where the school is now and it should be aspirational and state how we would like the subject to develop over the coming years.

Here is the one I wrote for ICT:

At SCHOOL we equip all pupils with the experiences and skills of ICT that they will use in a rapidly changing technological world. Children will be confident, independent and safe in their use of ICT. They are able to use technology to communicate, and to access and evaluate information. We aim for our children to develop a range of ICT skills, and an understanding of the most appropriate ways to use them. Children will learn to create pictures and text, music and sound, multimedia, animation and video. They will learn to collect, find, produce and interpret data. They will learn to give instructions and use modelling to investigate solutions. ICT skills are taught and then they are applied to other areas of the curriculum. E-Safety awareness is taught through every unit of work.
We aim to keep pace with educational and technological developments in the world and we have a commitment to provide all teachers with the necessary tools to do their job well, including laptops, interactive whiteboards and interactive whiteboards. Through training, teachers are empowered to give pupils opportunities to learn in different ways through new technologies. We invest money to purchase equipment and software to make the ICT curriculum varied, exciting and complete. 
Most ICT lessons are taught in our ICT Suites. Over the coming years we plan to upgrade our facilities and provide more laptops in our classrooms. We intend to make the school’s learning platform an integral part of our learning at school and at home. The school will work towards achieving the ICT Mark and e-Safety Mark within the next three years.

We intend to develop training and offer guidance to encourage parents to use ICT to further enhance learning out of school for themselves and their children.

Here is a Wordle of the vision statement:
The larger words are the ones that were used most frequently in my statement. Hopefully I've managed to get my main themes across.

The nature of ICT means that my action points are very likely to change over the next few years!

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