Friday, 17 June 2011

Bee Bots

I recently purchased some Bee-Bots for the school. Programming robots is an area of ICT that we were not really hitting - and it's one of the most exciting!!

So that I could inspire our teachers I asked on Twitter if there are any Bee-Bot resources out there. @ianaddison recommended @simonhaughton and @bevevans22

Simon recommended:
These are blog posts written by Simon - real practical ideas for using the robots.
An amazing demonstration of how Bee-Bots can grip children's imagination.
How Bee-Bots can be used in the classroom

Bev recommended:
An excellent post about how Bee-Bots have transformed Key Stage One.
There are excellent Bee-Bot resources here - these particularly enthused the staff.

Bee-Bots seem to be primarily used in Foundation and Key Stage One but I believe they have a use in Year Three too. Here are some ideas that we will be trying:

  • Creating a map of the local area for Bee-Bots to navigate
  • Exploring compass directions and making a course for Bee-Bots to explore
  • Investigating negative numbers

Here are some other Bee-Bot links:

There is software available from Focus Educational which allows children to programme an on-screen robot.

Does anyone else use Bee-Bots in Year Three? What sorts of activities do you do?

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