Sunday, 1 May 2011

Monthly Review: April 2011

Looking back, April now just seems like a blur. Our baby girl, Lily, was born on the 19th and since then life has been completely different!

Here are the highlights:


Lily Grace was born after a very long labour (my poor wife!) She has already turned our lives upside down. I know I'm biased, but she is the most beautiful baby ever! I can't believe that something so tiny can cause everything to change! How does one little person take up so much time? Any why is everything for a tiny baby so big?! 

Reducing work hours
Since Christmas I've gradually been reducing the hours that I've spent at work. I now arrive at school by 7.45am and leave at 5pm. It can be tricky to fit things in, but I'm trying to get smarter with my use of time. I must keep this up so that I can get home to see the baby!

ICT course
I attended the second part of my ICT course. It was really helpful and I have lots of ideas to share with staff. Unfortunately, due to other priorities, these will have to wait until the new school year whilst I trial them in my own class.

Updating e-Safety & Acceptable Use Policies
I wanted the new versions of these policies to be more specific about social networking - in particular by staff, and in the policies we offer recommendations and guidance to help colleagues to stay safe. 

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