Saturday, 16 April 2011

Toodledo Vs Teux Deux

Toodledo and Teux Deux are both productivity apps for the iPhone and websites - to do lists. Which one is the best?

Good points

  • Easy to add tasks
  • Add tags to tasks
  • Have due dates
  • Easy to create repeating tasks
  • Easy to link Toodledo account with Google Calendar
  • Tasks can be added on the iPhone without an internet connection - it syncs later
Bad points
  • Not the best looking interface
  • When a task is not completed it is marked as overdue and I quickly get frustrated at myself when I fall behind with things.
Teux Deux
Good points
  • Looks great
  • Tasks that are not completed are added to today's list
Bad points
  • You can't set repeating tasks
  • I can't seem to add tasks without an internet connection
After trying both, Toodledo wins. Whilst Teux Deux looks great, the lack of ability to add repeating tasks ruins it for me. Repeating tasks on my to do list keeps me organised.

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