Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Interactive Resources

Earlier this year we purchased a community licence for Interactive Resources which is made by Primary Games Ltd. This website offers maths resources which including games for the children to play on their own, class games, editable worksheets and class teaching tools, all in a really simple to use child- (and teacher-) friendly format.

We decided to go for a community licence (£250 for the year) which, at only £100 more than the alternative, seems like a bargain. This licence means that the site can be used freely in school and the children can use it at home too!

Resources can be added to a folder for each teacher - a great way to store all of the resources you like to use with the children, and a great way for the children to find the resource you want them to use!

This fabulous resource has really helped me in my move to Year Three. Through this site I have resources that are easy to find, age-appropriate and exciting for the children. I can use tools like the Class Clock which I find easier to use than the ITP on the Standards Site. 

I have also used the site for homework activities, and also encouraged the children to use the site at home to support what we do in class.

I'm intrigued by which has just been released by Primary Games. This site allows a school or individual to buy credits which can be used to make their own interactive resources.

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