Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baby's online profile

It would appear that I inadvertently opened up a small Twitter debate shortly after our baby was born. I had remember Doug Belshaw writing that he had registered a web domain for his children shortly after their births. I've always had in mind to do the same when our baby was born.

A few days after Lily was born I registered websites in her name using I believe it is important to give my child the opportunity to have a web domain in her name - in the future I'm certain that it will be vital for professionals to have an online presence (see - high hopes for her already!) In the meantime, I'm using Posterous to create a website (a private site which only family and friends can access). Her web address forwards to it.

I also registered her name as a private limited company using (High hopes once again!) I just wanted to be able to give her this option in the future.

I asked Doug what else he thought was worth registering. He recommended for registering social media.

The debate that my question triggered can be found here:

My own view is that I intend our daughter to be ICT savvy and have a real understanding of the potential of the internet and also of the dangers. I am ambitious for her and want to offer her any help I can. Registering web domains and social media profiles is only a small thing now that might just make a big difference in the future!

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?


  1. My wife bought the domain name for our son immediately he was born and, like you, uses Posterous to manage a private site.

    I think the private limited company is a bit over the top, though! And when there are disputes over names, doesn't whoever has been actively using the name usually win? If so, this would render the registration useless, perhaps.

    Social media? Who knows what we'll be using at that point?

  2. I think you are probably right about the limited company - I think I probably just got a bit carried away. Still - you never know!

    Social media is, by its very nature, something that will adapt and develop in the future, but all I can base it on is what we have now.

    I find the private Posterous site to be fantastic! I can manage it through my iPhone as well. Glad that someone else is doing this!

    Thanks for commenting!