Friday, 25 February 2011

Writing ideas for Ancient Egypt

During the half-term I had a bit of 'teacher's block' - trying to plan a unit of work but your brain just grinds to a halt. In the old days this would mean a few hours staring at a screen trying to come up with something that might just spark some inspiration. These days colleagues on Twitter kindly offer some inspiration and the process is much quicker!

Whilst trying to find some ideas for planning a unit of work for writing based on Ancient Egypt I asked if anyone had any ideas. 

Here is what people said:
@NickiA10: Used to do a Howard Carter [newspaper] report on artefacts and a fantasy type story based on the pyramids.
@NickiA10: Yes it was children interviewed each other and did lots of role play & hot seating in diff characters, i.e. gods points of view.
@theotheralig: Instructions, Narrative based on Israelites flight , tie in with Passover.
@NickiA10: Boys loved the adventure/mystery story. Based it on a story start on teachers tv going through a portal.
@NickiA10: Instructions on making canopic jars. Also did writing on journey of the dead.
@NickiA10: Got some of best writing from them. Was lucky as had a big classroom so set up a role play area as a museum with artefacts in.
@NickiA10: Created a pyramid style using a white sheet with stone painted on it. Was fab. And don't have a pic of it. Grrr...
@theotheralig: Terry Deary has also written some Egyptian stories for starters - he always hits the spot with language and accurate detail
@mooshtangA local school made this animation through creative partnerships. Might be able to use it in some way?
@NickiA10: Think it was Julia Jarman, Time Travelling Cat but not sure. Also did lots of artwork with it too.
@theotheralig: I also encased pennies in sawdust/clay mix for excavating in archeological manner after Carter - and had deep sand for digging
@KonfluxTheatresee our 'Cleo's Egypt' play in a day for a lovely intro or way to round off the topic -
@Cloudlillyor instructions for mummification! Gross but great fun!
@NickiA10: Also forgot we got someone in 2 take chn through mummification process & covered older child in modroc!

Fabulous - I feel that I can now plan English for the rest of the term on the basis of half-an-hour's chat on Twitter!

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