Sunday, 27 February 2011

What's important to me

I recently wrote about my learning from Doug Belshaw's book #uppingyourgame: A Practical Guide to Personal Productivity. In the book he encourages you to write a list of the things that are important to you, both at work and at home. These are the things a productive system needs to maximise time for.

Here's my list:

What's important to me at home:

  • My family - my wife and little girl (soon to be with us!) and also my parents, brothers and niece and nephew.
  • My god children - I want to be a positive influence.
  • My friends
  • Music - I couldn't live without music.
  • My house
  • Managing finances
  • Watching good TV and films - I'm very particular about what I watch, and most of it is on Sky+ or on DVD - I watch very little live TV any more.

What's important to me at school:

  • Being a good teacher - I want to help my class meet their potential and enjoy learning and I want to do this to the best of my ability
  • Being a good listener and a positive influence on colleagues and pupils
  • Promoting the use of technology and innovation as much as I can through my work as ICT Co-ordinator
  • Showing support to people and ideas I believe in
  • Listening to (and acting on) the student voice
  • Leading my team to effectively work within the head's vision and school improvement plan
  • CPD - I want to acquire new skills and knowledge to improve the way I work and the effect my work has on others
  • Being involved in whole school initiatives

I guess this must be my 'current' list as I'm sure if I'd done this a few years ago it would be very different, and I expect it to be different in a few years time. But for the time being, these are the things I need to focus my time upon.

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