Friday, 25 February 2011

More on motivation

Back in October I had the pleasure of hearing John Bell speak at a conference. He was inspiring! I have just found my notes and thought I'd share them.

He explains that motivating yourself and others is all about getting into the HABIT:

How can we do this better? If something isn't going well, ask how it can be done better.
Admit your weaknesses.
Behaviour breeds behaviour - it's not the words you use, it's the way you use them. To be enthusiastic you must act enthusiastically.
Imagination - use your subconscious. It does as it is told, it cannot rationalise, but it can be programmed. How do you affect subconscious?

  • Build rapport - give treats, use humour, share personal news
  • Confidence
  • Repetition - Keep saying that you can do it
  • Be happy - have a laugh.
Take action - Decide exactly what you want to achieve. Then break it down into achievable steps

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