Saturday, 1 January 2011

My plans and hopes for 2011

I used to think that years with odd numbers were bad. Nowadays, it seems good things happen in odd-numbered years. In 2001 I started teaching, in 2003 we bought our first house together, in 2007 we bought our second house and in 2009 we got married. Here are some of my plans and hopes that could make 2011 another vintage year!

Our first baby is due in April and she's already started turning our lives upside down! Our house is a little bit all over the place due to moving rooms around ready to create a nursery. I hate decorating, but this is going to give me so much pride! I need to adopt a completely different way of working - coming home much earlier so that I can see the baby. Financially I need to be careful as Lisa won't be working for most of the year. The baby will be the centre of our lives, and whilst I'm nervous about it all, I simply cannot wait!

Since reading Doug Belshaw's #uppingyourgame I have realised that my life is a bit disorganised. I really want to sort this out in 2011 and one way that will really help me is to keep more closely to routines. I want to establish routines in work to make me more productive and allow me to leave school earlier each day, routines in carrying out chores at home, routines in taking exercise (running at least once a week and cycling once a month), financial routines, blogging routines and probably other routines too. I don't want to become boring, but what I do want is to have a better work-life balance and to feel more organised.

I really want to spend more time blogging this year, and write more regularly. Things like weeknotes and monthly reviews have not been written consistently in 2010. I like being reflective, and blogging allows me to gather my thoughts (and share them with anyone who likes to read them). I might even take the plunge this year and set up my own web site, but we'll see.

Project 365
I'm really keen to set up a 365 project where I record a photo each day. The problem is that it's 2.30 on day 1 and I haven't got a clue what I want to do. I would like to have a theme rather than record random photos. But I will start something today and I will share it here when I have set it all up. Lots of people have suggested on Twitter that I record the baby, but this is something that we will do anyway without being part of the project. Does anyone have any ideas?

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