Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Back to the Future

I ordered some new Film Club materials last week and I was pleasantly surprised to receive some extra goodies when the delivery arrived this week - some wristbands. I know the children will love them when I give them out next Friday.

But one of the wristbands jumped out at me as it featured a line from one of my favourite films ever - Back to the Future. "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads," Doc Brown announced right at the very end of the film. It has taken me until now to realise that he wasn't just talking literally.

The line is a metaphor for the future - no one has planned it all planned out. He expands on this at the end of BTTF3 when he tells Marty that, "We make our own future." He's right. With our first baby on the way I intend to always look 'back to the future' and make things happen for us and our little girl.

I'm unbelievable excited about the baby and my wife and I can't wait to enjoy our future together!


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