Monday, 31 January 2011

Monthly Review: January 2011

It's been a chaotic start to 2011 but I've been pleased with what I've managed to do. I've managed to get my school office looking straight which has been a major weight off my mind. Over the last few weeks before Christmas I wasn't able to take care of it at all!

Here are some other highlights:

Finishing school early
For years I've left school at 6pm at the earliest. In preparation for the baby I've been leaving school earlier. I'm trying to leave five minutes earlier each week to try to train myself up, and now I'm leaving at 5.30pm. It means I have to manage my time differently, but it must be done!

Project 365
I've managed to keep my Project 365 up-to-date every day in January. I'm also keeping a record a a tune that stands out from each day and I've done this each day so far. In addition I'm still keeping a sort of diary of events using memiary, and a record of films that I've watched using an iPhone app called My Lists.
My Lists
Creating a nursery
We've created the nursery for our baby girl, ready for when she's ready to use it. I normally hate decorating, but  this time I didn't mind so much! We just need curtains and a couple of decorations and then it's finished!

French course
This month I finished a French Language and Methodology course. We began the course back in October, and it's without a doubt, one of the best CPD courses I have ever attended. My enthusiasm for a subject I do not find easy to teach has been renewed and my confidence is high. I've got so many things I want to try to put in place in my classroom that I think I'll continue to enjoy teaching French forever.

Getting older
It was my birthday in January. We enjoyed a great meal in Knutsford.

Keeping my to do list up-to-date
So far I've managed to keep my job list up-to-date. I hope I can manage this in February.
Attending my first Teachmeet
I thoroughly enjoyed my first Teachmeet and I believe that this style of sharing and training is the future of CPD.

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