Saturday, 11 October 2008

Preventing stress

Back in February it was revealled which LAs had the highest stress-related absences in the teaching workforce. After feel a bit stressed myself in the last few weeks (although it could be more to do with a bug I've been trying to shake off for a while) I enjoyed a report in the TES Magazine which gives some good advice which I really need to try to follow:
  • Have a cut-off time and stick to it. Whatever you have done at say, 6pm, is enough. Go home.
  • Prioritise. Achknowledge that you can't do it all. Start with what is absolutely necessary and drop the optional.
  • Never work when you are exhausted. The quality of work will be low and make you more stressed.
  • Always stop for a drink at breaktimes. It is not a waste of time, because you can work more effectively after the break.
  • Work as a team. Always share out the planning and preparation with colleagues. never plan a set of lessons without looking at the previous years' first, to avoid duplication.
  • During the school holidays, stay off campus and and something completely different. A refreshing change makes you work more efficiently.
  • Exercies reduces stress. Take time to raise your heartbeat every day.

Without a shadow of a doubt I've been guilty of not doing every single one of these. Need to try to put myself first for a change. I've recently purchased a copy of "Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity" by David Allen for £6.99 on after a recommendation by Mark Warner. I hope this also helps me to learn to prioritise.

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