Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Monthly Review September 2010

August proved to be a much more productive month and I was pleased with what I achieved, even if some of the achievements were not targets!

  • Go running eight times - Whilst I feel pleased with my running, I feel disappointed that I didn't get myself into a rhythm and go running as often as I would have liked.
  • Start playing squash again - Unfortunately my friend has been unavailable to play this month. Hopefully I can manage this soon.
  • Begin to tidy up the garage - I managed to take lots of junk to the recycling centre so I was pleased. I still need to tidy, but need to get rid of an old fridge and freezer first.
  • Paint the fence - It took me a while but the fence is finally painted and I was also pleased to have painted some of the outside of the house as well.
  • Tidy up my office at home - It's not perfect, but I am happy with this.
  • Set up my brand new classroom - My classroom is sorted and I'm pleased with the way it's set up.
  • Move in to my office at school properly! - I've officially moved into my office and I'm looking forward to being productive in there during the next school year.
  • Plan my first lessons for Year Three - All planned, but I'm nervous about pitching them right. I guess it will take me a week or two.
  • Revamp my blog and Twitter - I'm rebranded but there are still one or two things to change.
New Targets:

  • Complete my 10K run.
  • Play squash.
  • Finish painting the front of the house.

  • Enjoy teaching a whole month in Year Three.
  • Update the school website for my new year group.
  • Formulate a progression of the ICT on the school and put together a software map.

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