Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Weeknote 1

After reading Doug Belshaw's post about weeknotes, I felt inspired to begin my own weeknotes series.

According to Weeknotes.com are:
"...Updates about what your business has been doing over the past seven days or so.

They're about reflecting on your work, your achievements, and what's on deck."

This notion of reflecting on my practice is something I have tried to do more since completing my Leadersip Pathways course in March. Therefore, weeknotes seem like a great way to do this. However, knowing the irregularity of my blog posts, maybe 'fortnightnotes' or 'everysooftennotes' would be a more appropriate name. In fact, to prove my point, my first weeknote is late - I refer to the week ending Sunday 30th May.

This week I have..
Helped to organise our school's talent show
It would appear that I have become a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I guess all teachers do! I never realised that my teaching career would give me experience in using audio equipment. My main role in organising the talent show this year was to organise the music side of things - creating iTunes playlists for the acts, setting up microphones, balancing the audio and providing music for before and after the show.

Completed the process of revising our school hours
Over the last few weeks I have led the process of revamping the timings of our school day. This process involved consulting with staff, pupils, parents and governors before finally announcing to the parents and local authority this week that our new day will start at 8.45am and end at 3.25pm for juniors (infants starting at 8.55 and 3.15). It was a relief to finally get this sorted.

Learned the value of INSET days
When I am a headteacher, I will value the importance of INSET days as a day to promote teamwork, develop the curriculum, explore teaching strategies (that use technology and that don't) and for building skills for teachers. All of these will benefit the children.

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  1. Excellent! Glad you've started donig this. :-)