Monday, 22 January 2007


We have concluded our look at this topic today. I have really enjoyed teaching this, this year. It's hard to believe how much we crammed in, and yet there's a lot more that we could add. The children took a tour of our school kitchen to look at food safety and had a visit from a GP to talk about bacteria, viruses and fungus. The children designed posters to show good food safety and to show what they learned about useful micro-organisms. They grew yeast and investigated the best conditions to grow mould. The children studied various website.

Here are some of the sites we used:
BBC Science Clips
Microbe Zoo
Bug Investigators
What are bacteria?

Food Standards Agency
Cells Alive!

Next year we plan to set up our own compost. The one thing big missing this year is a good video about micro-organisms. Does anyone know of one?

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  1. Just found this one: